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Getting a new puppy. Things to consider.
Owning a dog is not a proviledge; it is a responsability.

1. Time

Before getting a puppy you have to take into consideration the amount of time required. When the dog is small they need to eat 3-4 times a day and taken for potty breaks every two hours. Besides that, the puppy needs training, socializing and play time.

Make sure that you have the patience to handle the energy of a puppy, no matter how long it takes for the dog to mature.

For 12-18 years you must take your dog into consideration every time you plan vacations, long weekends away and late nights on the town.

2. Cost

Make sure that you’re able to budget for vet bills, food, grooming and other ongoing costs, such as buying leads, toys and poo bags.

3. Patienece

You need tons of patience to train you dog. Lots of patience to pet amd confort your dog when you have other million things to do.

4. research

Always read about the breed you want to get. Each of them have particularities that might not always match what you need and want. Each breed has special medical problems you need to be aware of.

Always be very careful at the source of the puppy. You should get a puppy only from authorised breeders.

5. Surroundings

Is your home dog appropriate? Do you have a secure garden or access to a safe outdoor space for them to run and play in, and enough room for them to have separate eating and sleeping areas? What will you need to adapt to make it dog-proof?

Does everyone in the household want a dog? Who will be responsible for walks, feeding and play time? Do you have any other pets in the household? You’ll need to do any introductions slowly, and think about whether everyone in your home will be happy to welcome a new, bouncy pup.