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Chapter 1: the beginning

The story of our love for Yorkies begun back in 2013, when our son asked for one. We had six rescues at the time, still have five today. The greatest of all, the alpha of our hearts, crossed the rainbow at 16 years old leaving us forever grateful for all the joy she brought to our life.

As any spoiled child gets whatever his heart desires, we happily lived six wonderful years together with two amazing Yorkshire Terrier girls that taught us more to love and respect the breed each day.

Day by day our passion grew, falling irremediable in love with Yorkies.

Chapter 2: bigger family

Obviously, the next step was to emerge into the full experience of the canine world by getting two new wonderful girls from a reputable Romanian breeder. This was the beginning of our hard work in preserving this wonderful breed, our biggest goal set as improvement of the breed: excellent health doubled by excellent temperament.

We believe in the magical power of these little angels over human hearts.

We are still writting ...