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The Typical Yorkshire Terrier Temperament
The Yorkshire Terrier is certainly the most popular breed of dog in the US today, and the popularity continues to be on the rise. There are a lot of reasons for the extreme popularity of this breed. These reasons include the absolute cuteness of this breed, and the charming uniqueness they possess in their personalities.

In general terms, a Yorkie is considered to be a very funny, happy and an amusing kind of pup. But, every different dog has different and unique characteristics. This breed of dog is ranked number 17 on the scale of overall intelligence, this is out of the 90 different purebred’s. This means that you can train this dog quite easily. It can learn quite a lot of tricks very quickly, but the owner needs to invest proper time in order to teach the Yorkie pup. personalities.

The typical traits that you would find in the temperament of the Yorkie are given as under: personalities.

  • Normally a Yorkshire Terrier is a canine of above average intelligence, so it is fairly easy to train. You can train the canine easily in-house using proper training methods.
  • Most of the Yorkies are quite courageous, and mostly they exhibit quite a courageous behavior when required.
  • These dogs do not like to be engaged, freedom is a trait that you will normally find in the temperament of a Yorkie.
  • You will find a lot of energy within the pups, these dogs are ready to play anytime and also never gets tired of it at all.

  • Are Yorkies Stubborn?

    When you talk about dogs, mostly what you will associate with all the breeds is obedience. A master gives an order and the dog follows. The same goes with the Yorkies as well, they are also obedient.

    You may experience some Yorkies to be a bit stubborn. There are mainly two reasons for this behavior of the Yorkshire Terrier… These two reasons are when the Yorkie does not know why it should listen to you, and if the Yorkie does not know how to listen at all. You can eliminate both these traits by conducting the proper training of your Yorkie. As already mentioned above, this breed of dogs have an above average intelligence as far as the dog breeds are concerned, so it will not be such a big task to train them. You just need to make sure that you are using the proper training methods.

    Having said that, the final word would be that Yorkies are usually not stubborn. This breed of dog can easily be trained in-house, therefore, you probably cannot give the title of “stubborn” to this breed.

    Do Yorkies Bark A Lot?

    It is an issue that you will face with this breed. These dogs have a suspicious nature towards the environment, and sometimes towards people as well. Therefore, they will most likely bark on the slightest of the sounds and upon seeing every new face.

    You can actually get rid of this trait of the Yorkie by helping to make the pup more social. Take your Yorkie out to a place where there are a lot of people on a regular basis, so he gets accustomed to people. Let him listen to the different sounds of the traffic and the environment. This is simply training your Yorkie how to react to people and upon listening to these different sounds.

    What Are The Known Yorkie Behaviour Problems?

    The most common behavior problem that you will find with Yorkies is that these dogs are natural diggers. They have a biiiig habit of digging, but you can help to elimintate this problem with proper training. As is already stated above, Yorkie pups are naturally suspicious towards people. This brings us to another personality trait of the Yorkshire Terrier, and that is being overly shy towards people.

    If you ever experience a sudden change in the behavior of your Yorkie, like not listening to you properly, or not eating its yorkshire terrier friendly food, it could be because of numerous reasons that can be; illness, to hearing things that are inaudible to the human ear. We all know that dogs can hear what the humans cannot!

    Another behavior problem of the Yorkies is that they tend to bark at everything they see and hear. Especially if they are exposed to too many people. Having said that, there is only one way that you can eliminate all these problems and that is through proper training.

    The absolute best time to train a Yorkie is up to 3 months of age. This is the time when the Yorkie learns all the aspects and behavors that you teach it. This may seem quite easily and at a pretty rapid pace. The behavior that it develops within the initial 3 months will be the behavior it will continue with for the rest of its life.

    Therefore, the bottom line is, if you want your Yorkie to be a well behaved and a well-tempered dog, you will need to invest quality time with him or her. Also, you would have to conduct the correct training methods in order for it to be the best dog that you are dreaming of.