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Pet Vs Show
What is the difference between pet and show quality? When purchased from an ethical, trusted breeder, there can be very little difference between the two.

In the United States, a breeder will be looking for puppies who have potential to very closely match the detailed AKC standards in regard to conformance (appearance) for the Yorkshire Terrier in order to categorize that puppy as show quality. This will means that the dog looks promising to compete in very large AKC conformance events as being near perfect to the guidelines. Litters cannot always contain near-"perfect" dogs, whether males or females. show quality Yorkie

Therefore, from an ethical breeder, a dog that does not match the AKC show quality guidelines will be sold as a pet quality. This may be because of a very small element, such as a coloring mark or the shape of the ears. A pet quality dog is of just as much value as a show quality dog, in the eyes of who matters the most: the puppy's new family.

If someone is looking for a pet and have no plans to enter the complicated and political "show dog world", a person should understand that a pet quality Yorkie is just that, a pet! There is no reason to spend extra money for a show quality dog is you are not planning on showing your dog