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Origin Of The Yorkshire Terrier - Part 2

Not Just a Ratter

It is common for people to know that the Yorkie was used as a Ratter (a dog that is sent to kill rats and vermin that hide in small places). The Yorkie used to be taken down into mines and into Mill buildings, to help the workers control the amount of rats there. However, the Yorkshire Terrier did much more than that.

The Yorkie was very skilled at hunting down animals that lived in dens and burrows hidden on the forest floor. Hunters would carry the Yorkie in their pockets as they headed out to hunt for fox, badgers and other small to medium sized wild animals.

When wild animals are trapped and cornered in their dens, they can become very aggressive to defend themselves and their young.

Therefore, the Yorkshire Terrier became well known for their bravery and courage to go after their prey without hesitation; and to do so with much success. It seemed as if they truly found their calling out in the field and woodlands; but this would not last long.

As word spread about how wonderful this dog was, his popularity slowly moved out from the forest and into homes of those whose interest was piqued by this silky haired dog.

Who is Huddersfield Ben?

Huddersfield Ben is a famous Yorkshire Terrier. He is the foundation sire to the Yorkie breed. He was named after the town in which he was born, Huddersfield, in the country of Yorkshire England.

This dog was owned by a man name M.A. Foster and became very well known after winning more than 70 dog show events and countless Ratter contests.

Huddererfield Ben was the most sought after stud dog. While he himself was considered to be rather large (relatively) at 11 pounds, he was known to consistently produce litters of dogs that were under 5 pounds (2.26 kg) and dogs that fit the breed standard at the time. Ben passed in 1871 at the young age of 6.

He had a huge impact on the development of the breed.