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Origin Of The Yorkshire Terrier - Part 3

  • Into America The Yorkie began being shown in England under the breed name of the Broken Haired Scotch Terrier in 1861. However, by 1874, the breed was given the official name of the Yorkshire Terrier. In 1872, this dog breed slowly began making its way into America. By 1878, the AKC officially r

Origin Of The Yorkshire Terrier - Part 4

  • Present Day After generations spent in mills and a rich history of chasing down vermin in fields, the Yorkshire Terrier is ranked among the most popular toy sized breeds in many countries, including the US, the UK, Australia, Italy and parts of South Africa. Fun Fact Every now and then, a York

Yorkie Cons

  • This breed has zero tolerance for anyone other than themselves. If you have a Yorkshire Terrier at home, then the only other pets that you can usually keep without difficulty is another dog from this breed. Yorkies are a no-nonsense breed. They might be super cute and adore bei

Training A New Puppy: Five Basic Tips

  • Owning a new puppy can be a lot of work: you will need to research and buy the right dog food, get the right size Dog Collar and Dog Bed, and choose a great vet to monitor your dog's health. But don't forget the necessity in training your puppy to behave how you want. Dogs need to be taught th

Bringing A New Dog Home: Teaching Two Dogs To Get Along

  • Choosing a housemate that will be compatible with your current dog is an important consideration for anyone thinking about expanding their family. Before bringing home that cute little puppy or adorable mutt from the local shelter take some time to evaluate the personality, training and history of