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Remarkable Yorkshire Terriers

  • The Yorkshire Terrier now flourishes throughout the world and the early breeders who were instrumental in producing the diminutive toy terrier of today would surely be astounded at the success of this delightful breed. In 1932 only 300 Yorkies were registered with the British Kennel Club, in 1957 th

Pet Vs Show

  • What is the difference between pet and show quality? When purchased from an ethical, trusted breeder, there can be very little difference between the two. In the United States, a breeder will be looking for puppies who have potential to very closely match the detailed AKC standards in regard to c

A dog s last Wish

  • Pets, it turns out, also have last wishes before they die, but only known by veterinarians who put old and sick animals to sleep. Twitter user Jesse Dietrich asked a vet what was the most difficult part of his job. The specialist answered without hesitation that it was the hardest for him to see how

Origin of the Yorkshire Terrier - part 1

  • The history of this gorgeous breed is interesting, and as many owners know, the location of this dog's history lends its name to the breed. Several small Terrier breeds combined to create the Yorkie breed. First known as the Broken Haired Scotch Terrier and then as the Toy Terrier, the Yor

Origin Of The Yorkshire Terrier - Part 2

  • Not Just a Ratter It is common for people to know that the Yorkie was used as a Ratter (a dog that is sent to kill rats and vermin that hide in small places). The Yorkie used to be taken down into mines and into Mill buildings, to help the workers control the amount of rats there. However, the York